*Just finished a fantastic run of Little Shop of Horrors in which I played Audrey! (Check out the reviews!)

*Currently playing Nellie Forebush in South Pacific at the Mac-Haydn! Running from June 23rd - July 3rd!!

*Currently playing Mary Poppins in Northern Stage's magnificent & history-making production, running untul January 3rd!!

*Check out band's new website & live EP from The Bitter End!

*Just released the second installment of GALMANCE with this epsiode entitled "Mantras." We're pokin' a lil fun at this new-agey stuff (even though we kinda love it.) In short, it's for when your mantra sucks.

Funny Women just did a feature on it, too!

*Hey guys! Watch this funny lil short I made, about how friendship blossoms between chicks.

It's like bromance, but for gals. It's GALMANCE

*Friendlies, add a lil Janis Joplin to your day with my cover of Cry Baby. A real #TBT to late January, Canvas style.

Guys, check out my new, unique arrangment of the Jackson 5 classic, "I Want You Back!!"

 *Can't believe our Frozen Honest Trailer has 18,759,871 hits. WHAT?! I start singing all the female parts at around 2:00 minutes! Check it out. Hilarious.


*I'm in the last week of a stunning production of "Into the Woods" at Northern Stage, playing Lil Red. See the great reviews!!:) (Run: September 27th-October 19th, 2014)


*I just performed Emily Kron: Canvas at the prestigious 54 Below in NYC on June 16th, 2014! (Look at vids!) 


*Watch the highlight reel from my show, Emily Kron: Canvas at the Metropolitan Room in NYC 03/05/14!!!!