Little Shop of Horrors (Playhouse On Park)

"A particular attraction of POP’s production is Emily Kron as battered, not-too-bright shopgirl Audrey. Her rendering of “Somewhere That’s Green” is both funny and touching, and “Suddenly Seymour,” her duet with smitten shopboy Seymour (Steven Mooney), who discovers the unusual plant he names Audrey II, is surprisingly romantic. She’s got star power not showcased enough" - Donald Brown, New Haven Review

"Ms. Kron, from her very first sashay on stage to her powerhouse belting of Audrey's musical numbers, conveyed less victim and more of a woman resigned to her fate, stuck on Skid Row." -Joseph Harrison, Broadway World 

"And then there’s Kron, who is faced with making the role that has the strongest “copyright,” since it was created by Ellen Green in the original production and the subsequent film, her own. This she does with a great deal of comic flair and sensitivity, and her rendition of “Somewhere That’s Green,” a classic “I Want” number, is heartbreakingly poignant, as is hercri de coeur in the “Suddenly, Seymour” duet with Mooney." - Geary Danihy,CT Theater News and Reviews

"Audrey is a hard part to cast, but both Emily Kron and the director have wisely avoided anything close to a copy of creator Ellen Greene's indelible performance in the role. Kron is a little less ditzy as Audrey, but she still manages to get all the laughs, and her "Somewhere That's Green" solo is enormously touching. She gets even better in the second act, with her almost show-stopping singing in her part of the duet, "Suddenly, Seymour." Also, she looks great in the series of lovingly provocative dresses that Kate Bunce has designed for her." -Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway

"Steven Mooney and Emily Kron realize that this show demands that they be very funny and also sing very well. They don't let the shtick get in the way of Menken's exquisite melodies, brazenly belting their romantic duet "Suddenly Seymour." - Christopher Anott, The Hartford Courant

"Emily Kron (Audrey) and Steven Mooney (Seymour) embody their characters in a way that cuts to the core of that idea. As an audience, we see the challenges their characters face; yet, Kron and Mooney beautifully portray the passion that keeps them moving forward despite it all." - Robby Dougher, Applaud Squad



South Pacific (Mac-Haydn)

"If there is any element in this work that is more appealing than that, I don’t know what it is and it is played to perfection by Emily Kron as Nellie Forbush.

Kron is a powerhouse. She sings with a bright, electric tone in her voice. She moves beautifully and is funny when it is called for, particularly in the song “Honey Bun.” She dances gracefully and underplays the dramatic moments into reality instead of staginess. It is a wonderful interpretation of this most difficult role that includes taking a shower and washing her hair on stage. Yes – with water" - J Peter Bergman, Berkshire Light Focus


Mary Poppins (Northern Stage)

"Emily Kron is brilliant as Mary Poppins. Kron makes the character her own. She manages to make Mary Poppins more appealing to American audiences than the beloved Julie Andrews did in the original. Kron eschews the British stiff upper lip of Mary Poppins and instead adds a tinge of humor to her characterization..."- Jo Evarts, The Upper Valley's Best Arts & Events, The Complete Hoot

"We can also be grateful that the role of the indefatigable Miss Poppins is inhabited by Emily Kron, who brings to the part the necessary combination of steely charm, inarguable logic and airy mystery" Nicola Smith, The Valley News

"Emily Kron’s Mary Poppins is crisp, stern and delightful...Kron sings, dances and delivers in her own distinct manner, and before you know it Kron makes Poppins her own" -David Lampe-Wilson, The Chester Telegraph

"Northern Stage veteran Emily Kron sang and danced beautifully, and was an attractive Mary Poppins...She was sympathetic and convincing" - Jim Lowe, Times Argus Online / Vermont Today



As You Like It (The Denver Center)

"Then there’s Emily Kron as dark-eyed, black-haired Phoebe...Kron is profoundly and emphatically watchable" - Juliet Wittman, Westword  

"Emily Kron works as much humor as possible from the role of lovelorn, misguided and all-too-desperate shepherdess Phoebe" - Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post Theater Critic


The Baker's Wife (The Mac-Haydn Theater)

"Kron is wonderful in the role, singing the hit tune “Meadowlark” with great beauty" - J Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge